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Broken sewer lines are a hassle for homeowners. Although they can be stressful, fortunately, they are fixable.

The first step in these situations is identifying the issue with the broken sewer.

Here are 7 of the following things you may experience if you have a broken sewer:

  • Nasty Odors – This one is usually one of the first signs to appear. Unusual smells can mean many different things, but you should still pay attention and take it seriously. A broken sewer is, after all, connected to all your plumbing and depending on the severity of the crack or break it will have a strong, distinctive odor.
  • Multiple Clogs – Backed up drains are usually a greater sign of a blocked sewer than a broken one. When drains are clogged in multiple locations in the house, particularly the tub, toilets, and sinks this is likely a main sewer line issue since all the other lines connect to it.
  • Pest Problems – Another sign of a broken line is unwelcome guests. Since insects and rodents travel in sewer lines, all it takes is a large enough crack for them to find their way inside your home. Rats can squeeze their way through holes the size of a quarter. Certain cockroaches can fit through holes the size of a dime. We can install a back-valve to prevent unwanted visitors such as rodents.
  • Mold Growth – Mold needs a humidity level of 55% or higher to grow. A broken sewer can definitely create that environment and it grows on the ceilings and walls. Mold can grow for a number of reasons, but if it’s combined with the other signs it’s likely indicative of a broken sewer line.
  • Foundational Cracks – This sign is more extreme. When you see cracks on the walls immediate action must be taken. A broken sewer can cause the soil under your home to shift and threatens the foundation and structure of your home.
  • Wet Spots on the Yard –  If the grass is soggy and there’s no odor, that’s more indicative of a broken water line which is softening the soil and warping your lawn.
  • Greener Lawn – If certain patches of grass are looking extra green combined with some other signs, it could indicate that the fecal matter from the sewage is acting as a natural fertilizer. On the other hand, the bacteria collected from all the sewage will damage and destroy your landscape.

Broken sewer or water lines are not only inconvenient, but they are also dangerous. They cause serious damage to your property and health if not solved as soon as possible.

At DiMartino Plumbing we are experienced and well equipped to diagnose and repair broken ware or sewer lines.

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