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The average lifespan of a garbage disposal unit is about 12 years. There are, however, factors that will increase or decrease its longevity. When it’s time for replacing, you may come across these signs.

  • Constant clogging – If you’re only disposing of approved foods, running the water during use, and only dumping food in small loads and still encounter clogs you may have dull blades or an undersized unit. This will require a model with enough horsepower to accommodate the number of people in your home.
  • You’re regularly resetting it – Every so often, resetting the garbage disposal for large loads and clogs is necessary. If you find yourself frequently needing to, however, this is a likely sign your motor is weakening and needs replacing.
  • A leaky unit – It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to see leaks and assume the dishwasher or sink is the culprit when really it’s the garbage disposal. The wear and tear starts forming cracks inside the unit and the leaks come from where the disposal connects to the rest of the plumbing system. When this happens you need a new unit installed.
  • Dull blades – If it’s taking an excessive amount of time for food particles to break down, the blades either need to be sharpened or replaced. Sometimes, depending on the level of blade deterioration a new unit will be required altogether.
  • Strange Sounds – If you run the disposal and it’s making weird noises you can check to see if anything is blocking or obstructing the blades. If it more closely resembles a humming noise and nothing is happening that means the motor died and it’s receiving electrical power, but can’t run properly and grind the food particles.

Of course, these are only some of the issues you can run into with a garbage disposal unit. If you have any other problems, and you’re looking for prompt service and high quality contact DiMartino Plumbing today

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Alex arrived on time, he was very thorough in cleaning the flange area and floor in preparation for the new seals. Alex explained to me that the drain flange was below the floor, consequently, he used two wax rings to ensure a proper seal of the toilet to the flange. After setting the toilet he grouted around the toilet and cleaned up. Alex explained everything, seemed very knowledgeable, was thorough, and very courteous. Perfect job!

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The plumber was very patient with locating where the actual leak was coming from. He was very precise with his measurements before making any cuts into the ceiling. Surrounding area was well protected from any falling debris. Leak was located, and the issue was resolved.

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The work took longer than both myself and DiMartino Plumbing anticipated due to the permitting requirements and approvals required by the city. DiMartino Plumbing kept pushing forward until the job was completed. Throughout the entire process, I was without water for only a few hours.